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"Our Mission is to help every person, no matter what level of health or fitness, connect with people and resources to better their lives physically, spiritually, and emotionally."
Steve Capp | Fitfest Founder
Steve Capp
Founder & CEO

Steve Capp is a passionate, experienced and self-motivated entrepreneur and business strategist. In 2009 Steve was in a terrible car accident where he lost a good friend and was severely injured. Bound to a wheelchair for 3 months, Steve knew he needed something to help him recover mentally and physically. Through yoga training, he gradually increased his core strength and progressed to calisthenics and acro yoga which enabled him to still enjoy his adventurous sports such as snowboarding and mountain biking. Steve is now a certified acro yoga instructor and full out fun fitness enthusiast. Creating Fitfest has given him an outlet to let Canadians know about all the benefits of being physically active. Steve also encourages trying new activities with your family and friends in hopes of finding passion in fitness.
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Flight Track™ Ninja Course - The Flight Track Ninja Course can only be found at The Great Canadian Fitfest. Be a ninja for the day and try obstacles such as ring travel, slacked rope, salmon ladder, and cargo netting - then learn to fly off the top of our 14 foot warped wall.