Fitfest Exhibitors

Fitfest provides an opportunity for attendees to connect with vendors, experts, instructors and fellow participants in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Upcoming Event: Fitfest West Edmonton Mall, Nov. 22nd to Dec. 1st
(Black Friday Shopping Week)

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Fitfest is the largest interactive fitness event in Canada and the movement is growing fast. We want your company, brand, or service to be part of the trend of creating a healthy, happy, and fit lifestyle for everyone. Our events attract thousands of visitors that are ready to learn about and experience the best fitness, health, and wellness options available to them.

Exhibitor and vendor booths.
Booths start from 5' x 10', to custom areas for exhibitors looking to make a large impact. Most of our exhibitors attend multiple events, helping us grow the Fitfest movement and create a healthier world for all of us. Area is limited so contact us today to reserve your space.
Join the movement!
What you can expect attending Fitfest
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2019 - West Edmonton Mall
Check back soon! Exhibitor listings will be available shortly after the event finishes.
2019 - K-Days
Krav Maga Solution
Krav Maga combines an evolutionary form of self-defense and physical training that builds a stronger more confident you while increasing your fitness level in a controlled safe environment while having fun.

Lorna Jane Canada
Lorna Jane designs High-Performance Women's Fashion designed for an Active life. Fusing together Fashion and Functionality, their Activewear Collection is designed to move with you, no matter what you are doing.

ZYIA Active
ZYIA Active is an active lifestyle brand. It is also a culture that believes in embracing activity with excitement, vigor and delight.

Drops of Gratitude
Drops of Gratitude is a company that thrives on making you and the people in your life feel special, valued and simply appreciated. They specialize in semi-precious gemstone energy and essential oils.

Vertically Inclined Rock Gym
Edmonton's Climbing Habitat. Indoor Climbing Gyms take the challenge and fitness benefits of climbing and remove the unpredictable nature of the mountain environment to offer a truly alternative form of active recreation.

X Warrior Challenge
X Warrior delivers a lifetime experience to come alive again while training for and completing a homegrown, world class Obstacle Course Race. Regain your health, passion and competitive spirit while giving back to the community.

4 Points Health and Wellness
4 Points is a community of health and wellness practitioners in Edmonton AB providing:
- Health Services: Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Neurofeedback, Nutrition, Personal Training.
- Group Fitness/Yoga classes: HIIT classes, TRX, Low Impact, Yin, Vinyasa
- Events/Workshops: fun and interactive events and monthly education nights.

United By Wellness
United By Wellness blends revolutionary equipment with passionate professionals to design a space unlike any other. Meticulous development went into each individual space to create its own unique experience. They strive to bring value, to pioneer change, and nurture innovation through thoughtful, kind and inspiring ways.

Tower Garden
Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. And with Tower Garden, you can easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food virtually anywhere, year‑round, without soil.

Bulls E-Bikes
With innovative frame construction, high-quality components and the high-performance drive systems by Brose and Bosch, BULLS E bikes create new mobility perspectives with an athletic claim.

Orangetheory Fitness
Orangetheory is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout designed to produce results from the inside out. The hardest part of our workouts is showing up - they make it simple for you to push yourself, be your personal best and give you more.

Epicure is a community that unites and inspires each other to rally around clean eating. Epicure is dedicated to sharing delicious meal solutions that use only real, whole ingredients you can trust, while never ever compromising on taste.

Zyp Chicks
Hemp Products - Skin Care, Hair Care, Active Living, Pets.

The Spa Spot
The Spa Spot has built a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and reliable retailers of industry leading hot tubs & swim spas in northern Alberta. With four locations across Northern Alberta, Spa Spot offers the convenience of in-store and on-site service.

Bio Scan Canada
Bio Scan Canada provides you the Ultimate Health Excavation. Digging deep to uncover your individual and unique needs and requirements with the Evolt 360. Take the first step in building your ultimate body.

Natural Kitchen Delights
Natural Kitchen Delights' products are made with high quality and organic ingredients, and they strive to maintain the natural state and nutritional benefit of these whole foods as they are originally provided by the earth. They accommodate for most lifestyle and dietary constraints by taking dairy, gluten, artificial or overly processed sweeteners and any filler or additive out of the equation, leaving only raw and nutritionally intact ingredients in their creations.

Foam Fighters
Foam Fighters is Edmonton's premier indoor location for NERF blaster battles, arrow tag, video games, and good eats!

Express Heat Therapy
Express Heat Therapy is the leading distributor of instant heat pads. Striving to bring comfort to people of all ages, Express Heat Therapy offers a unique solution to your aches and pains. An all-natural way of creating long lasting heat that is therapeutic for your body and can be used to comfort you on a chilly day or in a colder climate.

Supplement King
Supplement King is Canada's workout & nutrition products retailer! Shop their protein powders, creatine & many other products at a great price.

Fashion-forward baby and children's footwear for kids that like to move (and parents that chase after them).

GLOW Juicery
Glow Juicery offers freshly made veggie and fruit based juices, green juice cleanses, smoothies and other healthy food options.

Fitset Ninja
Fitset Ninja is a ninja warrior training and obstacle course facility located in Edmonton, Alberta. They offer open gym, group/party packages and a full schedule of both kids & adult classes. Their facility has routes for all levels from beginner to OCR Athlete Racer and they haven't forgot the little ones either. Great for kids (5+) and adults alike!

OES Wellness Group
Dedicated to Distributing Quality Products and Exceptional Customer Experience.

Not everyone has time to drive out to the butcher. truLOCAL lets you shop for clean, locally sourced meat products online, and our convenient delivery means fewer trips to the grocery store.

Makami College
MaKami College is a provincially licensed Private Vocational College offering a 3,000 Hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy diploma program.

River Stone Wellness Centre
River Stone Wellness Centre has a team of dedicated Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) and health professionals to help you achieve your goal of a balanced wellness routine. Their goal is simple: to help you relax, heal, and regain your health.

Axe Monkeys
Axe Monkeys is an activity for all occasions. Axe Monkeys will help you to celebrate birthdays, date night, bachelor and bachelorette parties, divorce parties, corporate events, anniversaries, Christmas parties, weddings and charity events.

United Sport & Cycle
United Sport & Cycle is a specialty sports store located in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta. Since their humble beginnings in 1928, they have grown from a small cycle shop to a 110,000 square foot space that houses gear for over 30 sports.

Total Orthotics
Total Orthotics custom fitted orthotics a local company serving Camrose and area. They help correct your Pain in a nonsurgical way.

Aradia Fitness
Aradia Fitness has taught thousands of women nationwide and aspires to unleash that confident, sexy and strong woman inside of you. Besides students learning sexy dance and fitness moves, the franchisees create a growing community of fabulous, like-minded, powerful women who are changing and empowering their lives.

Orbis Sports
Orbis Sports is the trusted leader in providing bubble sports, archery tag, laser tag, fun fitness, and other inflatable activities to children and adults throughout Western Canada. We travel to Alberta & British Columbia including Edmonton, Southern Alberta, Vernon, Kelowna, the Okanagan, and other surrounding areas.

Solid Base Acro
Acroyoga is rooted in "exploring the possible" and "intentional becoming." An exciting extension of yoga, it combines inner and outer strength and health. It's a way of shifting towards listening and responding to how our actions might occur to others.


F.R.E.E. Fitness
F.R.E.E. Fitness is a team of personal fitness trainers striving to help as many people as possible by providing a "pay how you feel" per training session model. The team at F.R.E.E. offers a "pay how you feel" training system, because they care about your health without putting a price on their service.

2G Fitness
2G Fitness provides you with holistic fitness and nutrition tools to become healthier, build muscle or lose weight. They teach you how to eat clean and stay active in a realistic way that fits with your busy life.

Metta Yoga
Metta Yoga provides an inclusive space for students to explore their own yoga with accessible sequences and continuous education. They offer a variety of classes to support each individual in their yoga journey. Metta offers Karma yoga classes weekly where proceeds go back into our community and support the development of mindful practices to various local organizations.

Taryn Shea: Fit and Chic
Taryn Shea is all about empowering women through Fitness and Fashion.

Ginger Movements
Building resiliency and wellness through active living, movement and mindfulness.
4 points health and wellness

4 Points Health and Wellness (Downtown-W)

Aji Gourmet Products (Save on-Online)

Alberta Blue Cross

Aradia Fitness (Whyte-S)

Aurora Yoga Spa

B-Line Bike Park

Barre Body Studio (S)

Bedouin Beats (N)

Beri Co Inc


Bust A Move

Canadian Armed Forces

City Fit Shop (Whyte-S)

Crowd Blink

doTerra Wellness (West)

Dragon Boat Festival (Downtown)

Dragon Boat Racing (Downtown)

Drayton Valley Community Foundation

DryPod Canada

E-Ville Roller Derby

Earth Groove

Edmonton Dragon Boat Racing Club

Edmonton Road and Track Club

Embrace Pole Art (S)

F.R.E.E. Fitness (Downtown)

Firefly Theatre (S)

Fitset (Downtown)

Flaman (S)

Flora (Distributor)

Flora Manufacturing & Distributing, Ltd.

Flow Power

Giant Bikes (S)

Gold Teeth Canada

Granfondo Badlands

Grey Arrow Farms

HIIT Fitness

Holistic Body Love (S)

Hutch and Howl (Online)

Investors Group (S)

Iron Edge Nutrition (S-2386 23ave)

Juuva- Tara Ferris

Kangen Alberta

Kangen Water



Lorna Jane Activewear

LuminEd Inc. (The LifeBike)

Makami College

MaKami College

Mary Kay (Distributor)

Massage Heights (South x3)

Mb Events / GWN Triathlon



MoJo JoJo Pickles

Moksha Yoga (S)

Mountain Madness Tours

Mountain Madness (W-149st)

MS Society (S)

MS Society of Canada

Nabati Foods (N)

Northlift Belts (W)

Norwex (Distributor)


Orbis Sports

Packs for Purpose

Pruvit Kelly Reynar

Pruvit Sarah Copeland

Pure Living Enthusiast

Rabbit Hill Ski Resort

Racks for Cars


Remedial Wellness

Ride to conquer cancer - ACF

Rock Jungle Fitness


Sock n Sack

SoundCamp Conditioning

Splash Poke

St.Johns Ambulance

Steeped Tea

Strapt Aparel / Maximum Nutrition

Supplement King

SweetLegs Edmonton with Nadine

Tahel Jewelry

The Tech Shop

Thrive Life _Dehydrated Foods

Tower Garden/Juice Plus




VELOFIX Edmonton

Vertically Inclined

Virgin Radio


Walter Wraith

X- Warrior


Your Holistic Earth
2G Fitness

360 Fitness

4 Points Health and Wellness

Alberta College of Massage Therapy

Anytime Fitness


Armed Forces

Athletes Choice Massage

Bedouin Beats


Conquer Cancer

Core Real Estate

Dragon Boat Racing Club

Drift Float

E-Ville Roller Derby

Earth Groove

Edmonton Sport and Social Club

Embrace Pole Art



Full Force Fitness

Green Apple Health Care

Healthy Cricket

Holistic Body Love

Hutch + Bowl

Incentre Pilates

Investors Group

JH Massage


Massage Hieghts


Moo's Juice

Muscle Milk

Nabati Foods (Tamiri Bites)

On the Ropes/ Kamikaze

Orange Theory

Original Energy Sales



Pivitol Physiotherapy

Pruvit-Kelly Reynar

Pruvit: Tanya Shaw

Pure Living Enthusiast

Remedial Wellness

Rhino Fit LTD


River City Fitness

Rock Jungle

Runners Revolution

Saint City Crossfit


SmokeHouse BBQ Truck


Supplement King

The Conscious Coach


Vertically Inclined

Walter Wraith

World Health Club

X- Warrior




Your Holistic Earth
Calgary Exhibitors | Jump to: Edmonton | Vancouver
Pure Living Essential oils

Breathe Parkour

Duonamic Technology

Steeped Tea


Aradia Fitness



Tower Garden/Juice Plus

Moksha Yoga

Pruvit Kelly Reynar

Walter Wraith

YYC - Poke



Orange Theory

Pruvit Sarah Copeland


MS Society

X- Warrior


Drayton Valley Community Foundation

Supplement King


B-Line Bike Park

Luminous Wellness

Tourism Revelstoke

Makami College

The Tech Shop

Kangen Water

Bow Cycle & Sports

Scouts Canada

Reid Bikes

Tahl Hair Products

Tahl Jewelry

Rocky Mountain Trapeze

City Fit


HelloFresh Canada

Calgary Sport and Social Club

Canadian Armed Forces

Square 1 Fitness

Travis Peterson

Red Bull

Packs for Purpose

Strapt Apparel

Ride to conquer cancer -ACF

Alberta Bike Swap

Young Living Essential Oils

SoundCamp Fitness

Square1 Fitness Inc.

Calgary Kettlebell

Vancouver Exhibitors | Jump to: Edmonton | Calgary
Lorna Jane Activewear

Steeped Tea


Pruvit Sarah Copeland

HIIT Fitness

Melbo sports

saman sports

PEMF International


Hippie Snacks

Inspire Women's Fitness

Hive Climbing

Sweat Society

Crave Healthiness Fitness & Nutrition

Soup Zone


Fit Camp Foods

The Practice Studio

Log Sports- Laughing Logger



protein by bent

ZÿpChicks Healthy Living

Inward to Ithaka



Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.

Amoda Tea

Pine Pollen


Tada- Tyler Ayres

Tommy Europe

BC Cancer Foundation

Climb Base5

Absolute Cheer and Tumbling

Apex Adventure Plex

Coast Protein

Citta Activewear


Magnum Nutraceuticals (Popeye's)

Peter Cimpoe - Artist Booth

Feel Oil Right

Thrive Life


BlackSmith Powerlifting

The Bar Strength and Conditioning



Yunity Rollers

Acro Yoga / Functional

Body Plus (Popeye's)

Smash Therapy
Fitfest is the largest and fastest growing interactive fitness event in Canada. Exhibitors can put their products and services in front of an engaged and fitness oriented audience who are looking for new ways to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
Fitfest Attendee Statistics and Demographic
Fitfest Demographic
2017/2018 Fitfest Atendee Survey
$110K +
Average Household Income
24 - 44
Core Attendee Ages
Spend Money on Outside Entertainment
Are Parents
5,000 - 8,000
Average Event Attendance
We are seasoned Expo veterans; however, it was our first time participating at Fitfest. The expo organizers were very well-organized, passionate about their cause and the expo overall had an excellent turnout. One of the best expos we have attended. Already pre-registered for 2018 - we will definitely be back!
Kati Luknowsky
Edmonton Shockwave Therapy Centre
Having a booth at Fitfest turned out to be a great time and wonderful exposure for our business. The stage time alone gave potential clients a real feel for what they can expect when training with 2GFitness. We also made some great business connections. Looking forward to being an exhibitor in 2017.
Nicole and Lara
I was excited to be a vendor at the Fitfest and be part of the energy and connection. It's an awesome event to showcase the range of fitness and health industries and the people committed to health and wellness in Edmonton.
Jill Boychuk
Owner of Earthgroove Activewear
Fitfest was great exposure for my business and acroyoga in general. Jackie and Steve, and the Fitfest team, worked really hard and made it easy so I could focus on my customers. They are organized, cheerful, and personable, they continue to support my business, even after the event, and that's a big deal to me.
Colin Bacsik
Solid Base Acro
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2019 Exhibitor Information
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2019 Exhibitor Contract
Fitfest Exhibitor Contract and Agreement.
Upcoming Event: Fitfest West Edmonton Mall, Nov. 22nd to Dec. 1st
*Limited Space available and will fill up fast*
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Exhibitor resources
Fitfest | West Edmonton Mall |Nov. 22 - Dec 1st
Badges: (please link to
Fitfest 4th Annual YEG Interactive Event hosted inside West Edmonton Mall
We will provide one free folding table, chairs, electricity, and WIFI to all exhibitors
Event public hours:
Monday to Saturday 10AM to 9PM
Sundays 11AM to 6PM
Black Friday 8AM to 11PM
Set up and tear down:
Set up and clean up must be outside of mall hours. Please be at the event activation area to set up 2-3 hours prior to opening. The Event area is located underneath the Scotiabank Theatre and beside the Pirate Ship (Phase IV) Use mall entrance 56 (Refer to diagram below that highlights mall entrance).

Please contact Josie (587 404 8222) if you need a pallet jack or dolly to bring products into the exhibitor area.
Fitfest is providing overnight security, please do not have a money box on site or valuables in sight after closing hours.
Fitfest will be collecting non-perishable food items for The Edmonton Food Bank.

The Fitfest team is excited to work with you during this event, please feel free to contact the team with any questions. Get ready to make this the best event of the year!
Stage & Presentation
Contact Josie to check stage time availability and to schedule use (587 404 8222).

The stage will have a large LED screen, audio system, wireless headset microphone, and wired handheld microphone.

Please contact us ahead of time if you would like to use any custom presentations, videos or images during your stage time.
Exhibitor Floor Plan
Move In: Entrance 56